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Smartphones, iPADs & Tablets: You can always access the ITCS-WebClock through your smartphone with your existing internet service with no additional fees from ITCS. You can also secure and control employee access to this feature.

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HandPunch: The HandPunch Biometric clock series is Fast and Easy to Use. This reliable technology eliminates buddy punching and badges. Employee's hands are verified in less than one second. An affordable biometric time clock where your hand is your card. Options for weather protection are available for outdoor use.

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The G-Series GT-400 web enabled HandPunch coupled with the ITCS-WebClock, is—hands down—one of the most effective solutions for workforce management.

Schlage HandReader platens come with an antimicrobial technology.
HandPunch 1000Up to 50 users per device. Serial connected.
HandPunch 1000eUp to 100 users per device. Network connected.
HandPunch 2000eUp to 512 users per device. Network connected.
HandPunch 3000eFrom 512 to 32,512 users per device. Network connected.

time clock software time clock software Synel: The Synel's Time and Attendance hardware and the ITCS-WebClock software is designed for effective Time and Attendance management. Devices can be configured for Fingerprint, Barcode, Magnetic, Proximity Badges.
Synel SY-715Magnetic/Barcode Badges - Ethernet or Serial Connections
Synel SY-765Wireless, Ethernet or Serial Connections (Magnetic/Barcode/Proximity Badges)
Synel SY-785Finger Reader Ethernet or Serial Connections (Magnetic/Barcode/Proximity Badges)

Telephone Time Clock
time clock software

Collect Punches from the Telephone The ITCS-WebClock collects punches through Phone Time Clock interface. Phone Time Clock is a Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service designed to assist companies in delivering Employee Self-Services to their organization without installing any new hardware.

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