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Focus More on Patient Care

Outsource Your PBJ Filing

Reduce costs and gain value

Payroll Based Journal Filing Service

We are your human factor for PBJ Reporting.
Our clients focus on patient care rather than processing data and filing reports with CMS.

Our experts will do it for you.

Outsource your PBJ filing to our team and leverage our expert capabilities so you can focus on achieving a higher level of patient care.

Our PBJ filing service team will seamlessly integrate and collect your required staffing data. We will gather your census, employee, contractor and agency data.

Our team will verify your information and review any concerns with you before submitting to CMS. We will provide you with an overview of your submission including details by job code.

Our Capabilities.

  • Leader in Payroll Based Journal Outsource Services

  • Dedicated US Based Experts

  • Enhanced Data Auditing Capabilities

  • Project Management Ensuring Deadlines are Met

  • Engaged with CMS since inception of PBJ

  • Quality Control of Staffing Data

  • Experienced Resource Support for CMS for audits

  • Focused on Ensuring Compliance

Reduce costs and gain value.

Costs estimates for a facility can range over 1 FTE to manually process Payroll Based Journal Reporting tasks (PBJ).

Focus on the facility while we take care of gathering and processing your information. We will work with CMS to ensure your compliancy. Contact us for a free consultation and savings assessment.

Keep your existing systems and processes. We work with your 3rd party, payroll and timekeeping systems.

Need help NOW!

  • Need help with an audit?

  • Trouble understanding reports and error messages?

  • Struggling with CMS?

  • Time data isn't mathcing?

Our incident based PBJ technical support team are standing by now to help. If you need help with a sinlge problem or want a long term solution we are here to help. Click the Chat with us icon or fill out the inquiry form below and we will contact you ASAP!


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